Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Ok, we have been at this for about 6 weeks now and loving it. Sharon stumbled onto one of their catalogs at her work and felt this would be something good for both us to get involved with. I think we were both suffering a midlife crisis since neither one of us have ever did any home party plan or public speaking before. Being both cautious and brave, we decided to go into it together (strength in numbers right). Well I think it is safe to say we are both just loving it, and spend most of our extra time working with it . Have had about a half dozen parties so far and learning lots along the way.

The company has also just announced that come January there will be new incentives available for customers. I am sure this is going to go over great. Along with the new catalog that comes out then, I am sure we will stay busy.

If you haven't checked this out yet, go to the following- Follow the registration process and enter ID # 227990 and token vanwechel. I would also strongly suggest seeing it in person as I don't think you get the full picture through a catalog. Sharon has also did some qreat things in her house with their product of which I am sure she would love to show you. Wish us luck.

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Ms Blue Eyez said...

Hey Mom! Its a really cool site you have, I want my own!