Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Go Patriots!
Boy where did January go? At least it makes it that much closer to spring right!
Hope you've all had to chance to check out our new catalog. Be sure to let Sharon or I know what you think of it. We have had a couple of orders this month and the nice thing is Uppercase seems to really have sped up their shipping process. The extra incentives run through Feb and they really do benefit the hostesses. If your still thinking you want to have a party this winter you might want to get it in by then. Be sure to get in touch with us soon -we are planning a little trip down Mexico way to warm up our old bones. We will be gone for about 9 days over Valentines Day drinking margaritas and soaking up sunshine. The new flower they have is so cute-and be sure to try it out in the new lime green, or honey wheat. Sharon has put a couple on a stained glass and ----you will love it. And don't forget the bygo 1/2 off on pages 84-89. I will try and update our picture show here real soon (once again i will need the expertise of Brittany).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New embellishment library

UL has come out with a new library of all of the embellishments that are available. Over 30 pages of them. Basically, if they ever had it listed in their catalog your allowed to order it. Be sure to check it out on their web site. I think some of you will find that this will allow you to put some finishing touches to your own designs, or just to place by themselves to perk up a spot.
We did get our copy of the new colors-lime green, warm stone, and honey wheat. I think these are going to be well liked also.
Hope your enjoying the new year-cold here today --6 below right now. And if you haven't checked out the new catalog, do it.
Stay warm & take care,
Christy & Sharon

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Incentives for Jan and Feb!

OK Gals Uppercase has come through with some great incentives for you to hostess a party and for your guests for the months of January and February. If you were thinking about hostessing, don't delay. Hope to hear from you soon.
Please read an insert from a letter posted on our website today:

2008 inspirations incentive
1. Just when you thought Buy One / Get One Half Off was
just for shoes! During the Inspirations Incentive, your
customers can get half off any item on pages 84-89
(2008 Spring/Summer Idea Catalog) when an item of
equal or greater value from these same pages is purchased.
Pages 84-89 are full of holiday and special occasion
expressions that are sure to be loved by your
customers. There is no limit to the number of half off
items your customers can get! (These items are
available to order beginning January 10Th.)
Here’s how it works:
• Let each customer know about the half-off incentive.
• As your customer completes her order, identify
expressions that come from pages 84-89.
• Place these items in order from highest value to
lowest value. (You can do this on a scratch piece
of paper–they do not have to be listed on the
Customer Order Form in this order.)
• Reduce the price of every other item on this list by
50%, beginning with the second item on the list.
2. Hostesses are the heart of your business. Treat them
to something special during the Inspirations Incentive
by bumping them up one Hostess Rewards level above
the one they actually earn for their Open House.
(This bump is in addition to the one your Hostess may
receive from her Double-Up amount.)
If your Hostess’ Open House totals $599, she would
normally be entitled to:
• $70 in free product
• Two (2) half-off catalog items
During the Inspirations Incentive, she would be
able to jump to the next rewards level and receive:
• $100 in free product
• Three (3) half-off catalog items

With the beginning of each new year, everyone is inspired to make life just a little more wonderful—and what better
way than by surrounding yourself and others with inspiring and motivating decorative expressions. The 2008
Inspirations Incentive allows you to do just that! From January 1st to February 29th, your Hostesses, and your
customers can get a little extra inspiration with each order placed.
Because this incentive period is for a limited time,
all 2008 Inspirations Incentive orders must be
submitted on or before February 29th (11:59:59 p.m.

Some Examples