Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School started-officially fall now!

Kids going back to school doesn't really effect us anymore with all of ours out of high school. No need to worry about getting their supplies, clothes, and wondering about teachers, classmates, etc. But still the weather changes and we mentally start to prepare for the coming season.
Myself I look forward to volleyball, football, and the changing colors of the leaves. Fall can be so beautiful. With Scott he needs to prepare for getting his fall crops off(beets, corn, and soybeans), equipment ready and working, and working the ground for next seasons crop. Throw in a few holidays and birthdays and winter is smack in our face.
I am also planning on trying to do a make-n-take workshop for Uppercase Living in early October. With all the great things they have in the fall catalog I thought this might be fun. I just have to be sure it doesn't interfere with my "topping beets". If your interested in what I am planning (I will try and post when I have something definite) just give me a call or drop me a note.
Hope you all enjoy September.

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