Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just wanted to post a quick note that we are back from Mexico in one piece. Besides all of us sisters/spouses going, we were able to meet up with my brother Mike and his wife Tammy. Gave her one of our catalogs to look through. She is a interior decorater -----so one never knows.
The weather was overall very nice. We had one day that it rained most of the day but we were able to take in a few Mayan Ruins-awesome doesnt even touch how one feels looking at them.On another day we did some 4-wheelin and took a dive in a cenote(not sure of spelling) -it is considered somekind of Mayan spirtual place-here again real cool. We also took one day to go to Conzumel-unfortunatly didnt get any snorkeling in. Of course time flys too fast and back to brrrr MN-haha.
Beautiful place-sharon has thought up quite a few jobs she is going to take up (one of course being decorating with Uppercase in all the beautiful homes and hotels) when she moves there. Be sure to ask her about it-lol.
Just a reminder out there to anyone who is still thinking to get a party in before the extra incentives go away that we will need to close the party by the last day of this month (Feb) so dont delay.

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